Projects and Initiatives


Use sport as a catalyst to provide inclusive quality education programs that promote  lifelong learning.

Learning Through Football - An after school homework club that aims to improve numeracy and literacy rates among under served youths. 

FWB Coach Academy - A mentor and peer mentoring program that aims to equip both senior and junior coaches with the necessary skills and professional achievements to coach our communities. 

FWB Library Academy - A library program that avails books and other reading/ research resources for the youth in the communities we serve. 


Use sport as a catalyst to foster community collaboration and external partnerships, youth leadership and access to resources.

Youth Leadership - Mobilizing community youth leaders and ambassadors to encourage and empower the youth in our communities.


Gender Intelligence - Gender intelligence and education to encourage tolerance of all people.  


Use sport as a catalyst to promote cultural unity, equality, wellness and address societal health stigmas.   

FWB Academy - Sports groups and leagues that actively participate in training programs and events – bringing underseved communities together. 

Lezintombiziyakhona (These Girls Can) - A women lead and empowering sports, health and wellness programs to increase education and inclusion of women in various sports.


Sports Equipment & Facilities -  On site container gyms that will be managed by the community and work towards generating income for community shared spaces.

Life on The Ball - HIV/AIDS and wellness program that aims to address and decrease societal health stigmas. 

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