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Socio Enterprise

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The subject of fundraising is always a top priority for NGOs and non-profit organisations. The income generated through fundraising fuels the engine so organisations can deliver their impactful progras in the field. And while many people debate the effectiveness of the various strategies and tactics to raise money through donors and supporters, what I’m most encouraged by are the innovative “social enterprise” businesses emerging in the sport for development sector that provide organisations with a viable revenue stream.

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused unprecedented challenges and changes to organisations across the Sport for Development sector and to assist our organisations achieved improved sustainability through increased funding diversity, including development we decided in May 2020 to register TambaHoldings Pty (Ltd) to achieve the following goals :

Our Goals

Provide long term sustainability of the organisation and provide diverse streams of income

Create employment creation, skills training and learnership opportunities for youths involved in our organisation

Adaptation of existing programs so as to work with funders on identifying new areas of potential funding .

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